Trail length: 8.7 Km,

Total ascent: 458 m. Total descent: 246 m. Kaoukaba bou Arab to Rachaiya Level of difficulty: Easy
Total ascent: 246m Total descent: 458 m. Rachaiya to Kaoukaba bou Arab Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Getting there: 
To reach Rachaiya (راشيا)  and Kaoukaba bou Arab (كوكبا بو عرب) , take the Damascus highway into the Bekaa Valley (سهل البقاع) .  Continue on the main highway across the valley to Majdel Aanjar (مجدل عنجر) . Before reaching the border post at Masnaa (المصنع) , turn right, passing the village of Sultan Yacoub (سلطان يعقوب) . In Dahr el Ahmar (ضهر الأحمر) , turn left for Rachaiya and right for Kaoukaba Bou Arab.  All roads are paved and public transportation is available.. Estimated distances: Beirut to Kaoukaba Bou Arab: 92 km; Beirut to Rachaiya: 85 km.

Trail Description:
This short section of the LMT brings you to the historic town of Rachaiya.  It also provides views across the open expanse of the southern Bekaa valley and up to Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون).   In this section,
a 5-km dirt road from the Hill of Hafoufa to Eez el Arab is bike friendly

Map of section (incl. elevation profile) (as picture)
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Villages on this section

  1. Kaoukaba Bou Arab
  2. Aaqabe
  3. Rachaiya

Lodging in Kaoukaba Bou Arab

  • No lodgings

Lodging in Rachaiya el Ouadi

  • Kamal El Sahili Guesthoue (Rachaiya el Ouadi)
    Tel: +961 3 615 702
  • Mahdi Fayek Guesthouse (Rachaiya el Ouadi)
    Tel: +961 3 963378
  • Roula Said Guesthouse (Rachaiya el Ouadi)
    Tel: +961 8 595476
  • Esber Esber Guesthouse (Rachaiya el Foukhar)
    Tel: +961 3 643859
  • Kassem Kaadan Guesthouse (Chebaa)
    Tel: +961 3 832702

Local Guides

  • Mehdi El Fayik (Rachaiya)
    Tel: +961 3 963378
  • Nizar Meghames (Kaoukaba Bou Arab)
    Tel: +961 3 827109