Section 23: Aaitanit – Kaoukaba Bou Arab
Trail length: 15, 3 Km,


Total ascent: 716 m. Total descent: 624 m. Aaitanit to Kaoukaba bou Arab Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Total ascent: 624 m Total descent: 716 m. Kaoukaba bou Arab to Aaitanit Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Getting there: 
To reach Aaitanit (عيتنيت)  or Kaoukaba Bou Arab (كوكبا بو عرب) , take the Damascus highway into the  Bekaa Valley (سهل البقاع) .  Upon entering Chtaura (شتورة)  take a right turn toward Qabb Elias (قب الياس) . You will pass by the villages of Kefraya (كفريا) , and Saghbeen (صغبين) , en route to Aaitanit.  Beyond Aaitanit, a left turn leads to the Qaraoun dam and Kaoukaba Bou Arab beyond it.  Beirut to Aiatanit: 79 km; Beirut to Kaoukaba Bou Arab: 92 km.

Trail Description:
The main highlight of this section of the trail is crossing the dam at Lake Qaraoun (بحيرة القرعون) . The trail then leads you through open country in the southern reaches of the Bekaa valley (سهل البقاع)  with spectacular views of Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون)  to the east. In this section, the following segments are bike friendly:
5-km dirt road from Aaitanit to Qaraoun lake
5-km dirt road segment in Majdel Balhiss

Map of section (incl. elevation profile) (as picture)
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Villages on this section

  1. Aaitanit
  2. Qaraaoun
  3. Majdel Balhiss
  4. Kaoukaba Bou Arab

Alternative lodging in Aana village

  • Faysal el Halabi
    Tel: +961 8 566578 – +961 3 330413

Lodging in Kaoukaba Bou Arab

  • No lodgings

Local Guides

  • Nizar Meghames (Kaoukaba Bou Arab)
    Tel: +961 3 827109